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dc.contributor.authorKayikcioglu, Meral
dc.contributor.authorTokgozoglu, Lale
dc.contributor.authorDogan, Volkan
dc.contributor.authorCeyhan, Ceyhun
dc.contributor.authorTuncez, Abdullah
dc.contributor.authorKutlu, Merih
dc.contributor.authorOnrat, Ersel
dc.contributor.authorAlici, Gokhan
dc.contributor.authorAkbulut, Mehmet
dc.contributor.authorCelik, Ahmet
dc.contributor.authorYesilbursa, Dilek
dc.contributor.authorSahin, Tayfun
dc.contributor.authorSonmez, Alper
dc.contributor.authorOzdogan, Oner
dc.contributor.authorTemizhan, Ahmet
dc.contributor.authorKilic, Salih
dc.contributor.authorBayram, Fahri
dc.contributor.authorSabuncu, Tevfik
dc.contributor.authorCoskun, Fatma Yilmaz
dc.contributor.authorIldizli, Muge
dc.contributor.authorDurakoglugil, Emre
dc.contributor.authorKirilmaz, Bahadir
dc.contributor.authorYilmaz, Mehmet Birhan
dc.contributor.authorYigit, Zerrin
dc.contributor.authorYildirim, Aytul Belgi
dc.contributor.authorGedikli, Omer
dc.contributor.authorTopcu, Selim
dc.contributor.authorOguz, Aytekin
dc.contributor.authorDemir, Mesut
dc.contributor.authorYenercag, Mustafa
dc.contributor.authorYildirir, Aylin
dc.contributor.authorDemircan, Sabri
dc.contributor.authorYilmaz, Mehmet
dc.contributor.authorKaynar, Leyla Gul
dc.contributor.authorAktan, Melih
dc.contributor.authorDurmus, Rana Berru
dc.contributor.authorGokce, Cumali
dc.contributor.authorOzcebe, Osman Ilhami
dc.contributor.authorAkyol, Tulay Karaagac
dc.contributor.authorOkutan, Harika
dc.contributor.authorSag, Saim
dc.contributor.authorGul, Ozen Oz
dc.contributor.authorSalcioglu, Zafer
dc.contributor.authorAltunkeser, Bulent Behlul
dc.contributor.authorKuku, Irfan
dc.contributor.authorYasar, Hurriyet Yilmaz
dc.contributor.authorKurtoglu, Erdal
dc.contributor.authorKose, Melis Demir
dc.contributor.authorDemircioglu, Sinan
dc.contributor.authorPekkolay, Zafer
dc.contributor.authorIlhan, Osman
dc.contributor.authorCan, Levent H.
dc.descriptionWOS: 000445908000052en_US
dc.descriptionPubMed ID: 30270069en_US
dc.description.abstractBackground and aims: Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a common genetic disease of high-level cholesterol leading to premature atherosclerosis. One of the key aspects to overcome FH burden is the generation of largescale reliable data in terms of registries. This manuscript underlines the important results of nation-wide Turkish FH registries (A-HIT1 and A-HIT2). Methods: A-HIT1 is a survey of homozygous FH patients undergoing low density lipoprotein (LDL) apheresis (LA). A-HIT2 is a registry of adult FH patients (homozygous and heterozygous) admitted to outpatient clinics. Both registries used clinical diagnosis of FH. Results: A-HIT1 evaluated 88 patients (27 +/- 11 years, 41 women) in 19 centers. All patients were receiving regular LA. There was a 7.37 +/- 7.1-year delay between diagnosis and initiation of LA. LDL-cholesterol levels reached the target only in 5 cases. Mean frequency of apheresis sessions was 19 +/- 13 days. None of the centers had a standardized approach for LA. Mean frequency of apheresis sessions was every 19 +/- 13 (7-90) days. Only 2 centers were aware of the target LDL levels. A-HIT2 enrolled 1071 FH patients (53 +/- 8 years, 606 women) from 31 outpatients clinics specialized in cardiology (27), internal medicine (1), and endocrinology (3); 96.4% were heterozygous. 459 patients were on statin treatment. LDL targets were attained in 23 patients (2.1% of the whole population, 5% receiving statin) on treatment. However, 66% of statin-receiving patients were on intense doses of statins. Awareness of FH was 9.5% in the whole patient population. Conclusions: The first nationwide FH registries revealed that FH is still undertreated even in specialized centers in Turkey. Additional effective treatment regiments are urgently needed.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipTurkish Society of Cardiology; Aegerion; Amyrit; Amgen; Pfizer; Sanofien_US
dc.description.sponsorshipA-HIT1 and 2 registries are sponsored by the Turkish Society of Cardiology that receives funding from a variety of sources (including unrestricted research grants from Aegerion, Amyrit, Amgen, Pfizer, and Sanofi).en_US
dc.subjectFamilial hypercholesterolemiaen_US
dc.titleWhat have we learned from Turkish familial hypercholesterolemia registries (A-HIT1 and A-HIT2)?en_US
dc.contributor.department[Kayikcioglu, Meral -- Can, Levent H.] Ege Univ, Fac Med, Izmir, Turkey -- [Tokgozoglu, Lale -- Ozcebe, Osman Ilhami -- Akyol, Tulay Karaagac] Hacettepe Univ, Fac Med, Ankara, Turkey -- [Dogan, Volkan -- Altunkeser, Bulent Behlul] Mugla Sitki Kocman Univ, Fac Med, Mugla, Turkey -- [Ceyhan, Ceyhun] Adnan Menderes Univ, Fac Med, Aydin, Turkey -- [Tuncez, Abdullah] Selcuk Univ, Fac Med, Konya, Turkey -- [Kutlu, Merih] Karadeniz Tech Univ, Fac Med, Trabzon, Turkey -- [Onrat, Ersel] Afyon Kocatepe Univ, Fac Med, Afyon, Turkey -- [Alici, Gokhan] Kartal Kosuyolu Res & Training Hosp, Istanbul, Turkey -- [Akbulut, Mehmet] Firat Univ, Fac Med, Elazig, Turkey -- [Celik, Ahmet] Mersin Univ, Fac Med, Mersin, Turkey -- [Yesilbursa, Dilek -- Sag, Saim -- Gul, Ozen Oz] Uludag Univ, Fac Med, Bursa, Turkey -- [Sahin, Tayfun] Kocaeli Univ, Fac Med, Kocaeli, Turkey -- [Sonmez, Alper] Gulhane Res & Training Hosp, Ankara, Turkey -- [Ozdogan, Oner -- Yasar, Hurriyet Yilmaz] Tepecik Res & Training Hosp, Izmir, Turkey -- [Temizhan, Ahmet] Yuksek Ihtisas Res & Training Hosp, Ankara, Turkey -- [Kilic, Salih] Nizip State Hosp, Gaziantep, Turkey -- [Bayram, Fahri -- Kaynar, Leyla Gul] Erciyes Univ, Fac Med, Kayseri, Turkey -- [Sabuncu, Tevfik] Harran Univ, Fac Med, Sanliurfa, Turkey -- [Coskun, Fatma Yilmaz -- Yilmaz, Mehmet] Gaziantep Univ, Fac Med, Gaziantep, Turkey -- [Ildizli, Muge] Sultanbeyli State Hosp, Istanbul, Turkey -- [Durakoglugil, Emre] Recep Tayyip Erdogan Univ, Fac Med, Rize, Turkey -- [Kirilmaz, Bahadir] 18 Mart Univ, Fac Med, Canakkale, Turkey -- [Yilmaz, Mehmet Birhan] Cumhuriyet Univ, Fac Med, Sivas, Turkey -- [Yigit, Zerrin] Istanbul Univ, Cardiol Inst, Istanbul, Turkey -- [Yildirim, Aytul Belgi] Akdeniz Univ, Fac Med, Antalya, Turkey -- [Gedikli, Omer] 19 Mayis Univ, Fac Med, Samsun, Turkey -- [Topcu, Selim] Ataturk Univ, Fac Med, Erzurum, Turkey -- [Oguz, Aytekin] Medeniyet Univ, Fac Med, Istanbul, Turkey -- [Demir, Mesut] Cukurova Univ, Fac Med, Adana, Turkey -- [Yenercag, Mustafa] Samsun Res & Training Hosp, Samsun, Turkey -- [Yildirir, Aylin] Baskent Univ, Fac Med, Ankara, Turkey -- [Demircan, Sabri] Istanbul Bilim Univ, Fac Med, Istanbul, Turkey -- [Aktan, Melih -- Durmus, Rana Berru] Istanbul Univ, Fac Med, Istanbul, Turkey -- [Gokce, Cumali] Mustafa Kemal Univ, Fac Med, Antakya, Turkey -- [Okutan, Harika] Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Res & Training Hosp, Ankara, Turkey -- [Salcioglu, Zafer] Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Res & Training Hosp, Istanbul, Turkey -- [Kuku, Irfan] Inonu Univ, Fac Med, Malatya, Turkey -- [Kurtoglu, Erdal] Antalya Res & Training Hosp, Antalya, Turkey -- [Kose, Melis Demir] Behcet Uz Children Res & Training Hosp, Izmir, Turkey -- [Demircioglu, Sinan] Necmettin Erbakan Univ, Fac Med, Konya, Turkey -- [Pekkolay, Zafer] Dicle Univ, Fac Med, Diyarbakir, Turkey -- [Ilhan, Osman] Ankara Univ, Fac Med, Ankara, Turkeyen_US
dc.contributor.authorIDDurakoglugil, Emre -- 0000-0001-5268-4262; Kaynar, leylagul -- 0000-0002-2035-9462; Sonmez, Alper -- 0000-0002-9309-7715; Kaynar, Leylagul -- 0000-0002-2035-9462; pekkolay, zafer -- 0000-0002-5323-2257; Demircioglu, Sinan -- 0000-0003-1277-5105en_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryMakale - Uluslararası Hakemli Dergi - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US

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