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dc.contributor.authorWeidmann, Manfred
dc.contributor.authorAvsic-Zupanc, Tatjana
dc.contributor.authorBino, Silvia
dc.contributor.authorBouloy, Michelle
dc.contributor.authorBurt, Felicity
dc.contributor.authorChinikar, Sadegh
dc.contributor.authorChristova, Iva
dc.contributor.authorDedushaj, Isuf
dc.contributor.authorEl-Sanousi, Ahmed
dc.contributor.authorElaldi, Nazif
dc.contributor.authorHewson, Roger
dc.contributor.authorHufert, Frank T.
dc.contributor.authorHumolli, Isme
dc.contributor.authorvan Vuren, Petrus Jansen
dc.contributor.authorTufan, Zeliha Kocak
dc.contributor.authorKorukluoglu, Gulay
dc.contributor.authorLyssen, Pieter
dc.contributor.authorMirazimi, Ali
dc.contributor.authorNeyts, Johan
dc.contributor.authorNiedrig, Matthias
dc.contributor.authorOzkul, Aykut
dc.contributor.authorPapa, Anna
dc.contributor.authorPaweska, Janusz
dc.contributor.authorSall, Amadou A.
dc.contributor.authorSchmaljohn, Connie S.
dc.contributor.authorSwanepoel, Robert
dc.contributor.authorUyar, Yavuz
dc.contributor.authorWeber, Friedemann
dc.contributor.authorZeller, Herve
dc.descriptionWOS: 000388677600001en_US
dc.descriptionPubMed ID: 27667586en_US
dc.description.abstractIn countries from which Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is absent, the causative virus, CCHF virus (CCHFV), is classified as a hazard group 4 agent and handled in containment level (CL)-4. In contrast, most endemic countries out of necessity have had to perform diagnostic tests under biosafety level (BSL)-2 or -3 conditions. In particular, Turkey and several of the Balkan countries have safely processed more than 100 000 samples over many years in BSL-2 laboratories. It is therefore advocated that biosafety requirements for CCHF diagnostic procedures should be revised, to allow the tests required to be performed under enhanced BSL-2 conditions with appropriate biosafety laboratory equipment and personal protective equipment used according to standardized protocols in the countries affected. Downgrading of CCHFV research work from CL-4, BSL-4 to CL-3, BSL-3 should also be considered.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipEuropean Commission under Health Cooperation Work Program of 7th Framework Program [260427]en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipFunding was received through CCH Fever Network (Collaborative Project) supported by the European Commission under the Health Cooperation Work Program of the 7th Framework Program (grant agreement no. 260427) ( The views expressed by state-employed American co-authors are their personal views, and do not necessarily represent the views of the US government agencies they work for. The views expressed by the ECDC coauthor are his personal views, and do not necessarily represent the views of the European agency he is working for.en_US
dc.titleBiosafety standards for working with Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virusen_US
dc.contributor.department[Weidmann, Manfred] Univ Stirling, Inst Aquaculture, Stirling, Scotland -- [Avsic-Zupanc, Tatjana] Univ Ljubljana Fac Med, Inst Microbiol & Immunol, Ljubljana, Slovenia -- [Bino, Silvia] Inst Publ Hlth, Control Infect Dis Dept, Tirana, Albania -- [Bouloy, Michelle] Inst Pasteur, Bunyaviruses Mol Genet, Paris, France -- [Burt, Felicity] Univ Free State, Fac Hlth Sci, Dept Med Microbiol & Virol, Bloemfontein, South Africa -- [Chinikar, Sadegh] Pasteur Inst Iran, Natl Ref Lab, Lab Arboviruses & Viral Hemorrhag Fevers, Tehran, Iran -- [Christova, Iva] Natl Ctr Infect & Parasit Dis, Sofia, Bulgaria -- [Dedushaj, Isuf -- Humolli, Isme] Natl Inst Publ Hlth Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo -- [El-Sanousi, Ahmed] Cairo Univ, Fac Vet Med, Dept Virol, Giza, Egypt -- [Elaldi, Nazif] Cumhuriyet Univ, Fac Med, Dept Infect Dis & Clin Microbiol, Sivas, Turkey -- [Hewson, Roger] Publ Hlth England, Salisbury, Wilts, England -- [Hufert, Frank T.] Brandenburg Med Sch, Inst Microbiol & Virol, Senftenberg, Germany -- [van Vuren, Petrus Jansen -- Paweska, Janusz] Natl Inst Communicable Dis, Johannesburg, South Africa -- [Tufan, Zeliha Kocak] Yildirim Beyazit Univ, Ankara Ataturk Training & Res Hosp, Infect Dis & Clin Microbiol Dept, Ankara, Turkey -- [Korukluoglu, Gulay] Publ Hlth Inst Turkey, Virol Reference & Res Lab, Ankara, Turkey -- [Lyssen, Pieter -- Neyts, Johan] Katholieke Univ Leuven, Rega Inst Med Res, Leuven, Belgium -- [Mirazimi, Ali] Karolinska Inst, Dept Clin Microbiol, Inst Lab Med, Stockholm, Sweden -- [Mirazimi, Ali] Karolinska Hosp Univ, Stockholm, Sweden -- [Niedrig, Matthias] Robert Koch Inst, Highly Pathogen Viruses, Ctr Biol Threats & Special Pathogens, Berlin, Germany -- [Ozkul, Aykut] Ankara Univ, Fac Vet Med, Dept Virol, Ankara, Turkey -- [Papa, Anna] Aristotle Univ Thessaloniki, Sch Med, Dept Microbiol, Thessaloniki, Greece -- [Sall, Amadou A.] Inst Pasteur, Arbovirus unit, Dakar, Senegal -- [Schmaljohn, Connie S.] US Army Med Res Inst Infect Dis, Ft Detrick, MD USA -- [Swanepoel, Robert] Univ Pretoria, Dept Vet Trop Dis, Pretoria, South Africa -- [Uyar, Yavuz] Istanbul Univ, Cerrahpasa Fac Med, Dept Med Microbiol, Istanbul, Turkey -- [Weber, Friedemann] Justus Liebig Univ Giessen, Inst Virol, Giessen, Germany -- [Zeller, Herve] European Ctr Dis Prevent & Control, Stockholm, Swedenen_US
dc.contributor.authorIDTufan, Zeliha Kocak -- 0000-0002-3294-014X; Ozkul, Aykut -- 0000-0001-5008-9443; Neyts, Johan -- 0000-0002-0033-7514; Weidmann, Manfred -- 0000-0002-7063-7491; AVSIC ZUPANC, TATJANA -- 0000-0001-6243-0688en_US

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