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dc.contributor.authorSomuk, Battal Tahsin
dc.contributor.authorKoc, Sema
dc.contributor.authorAtes, Omer
dc.contributor.authorGoktas, Goksel
dc.contributor.authorSoyalic, Harun
dc.contributor.authorUysal, Ismail Onder
dc.contributor.authorGurbuzler, Levent
dc.contributor.authorSapmaz, Emrah
dc.contributor.authorSezer, Saime
dc.contributor.authorEyibilen, Ahmet
dc.descriptionWOS: 000386069300016en_US
dc.descriptionPubMed ID: 27223255en_US
dc.description.abstractConclusion: A significant association was found of oropharyngeal tularemia with SLC11A1 allele polymorphism (INT4G/C) and MBL2 C+4T (P/Q). These results indicate C allele and Q allele might be a risk factor for the development of oropharyngeal tularemia.Aim: This study aimed to investigate the relationship of SLC11A1, MBL, and P2X(7) gene polymorphism with oropharyngeal tularemia.Methods: The study included totally 120 patients who were diagnosed with oropharyngeal tularemia. Frequencies of polymorphisms in the following genes were analyzed both in the patient and control groups in the study: SLC11A1 (5'(GT)(n) Allele 2/3, Int4G/C, 3' UTR, D543N G/A), MBL (MBL2 C+4T (P/Q), and P2X(7) (-762 C/T and 1513 A/C).Results: Among all polymorphisms that were investigated in this study, SLC11A1 gene showed a significance in the distriburtion of polymorphism allelle frequency at the INT4 region. Frequency of C allele was 54 (28%) in patients with oropharyngeal tularemia, and 31 (13%) in the control group (p=0.006 and OR = 1.96 (1.21-3.20)). An association was detected between MBL2 C+4T (P/Q) gene polymorphism and oropharyngeal tularemia (p<0.005 and OR=0.30 (0.19-0.48)). No significant relation was found between P2X(7) (-762 C/T and 1513 A/C) gene polymorphism and oropharyngeal tularemia in this study (p>0.05).en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipGaziosmanpasa University [2014/14]en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThis study was supported by the Gaziosmanpasa University (project no: 2014/14).en_US
dc.publisherTAYLOR & FRANCIS LTDen_US
dc.subjectMBL genotypesen_US
dc.subjectNRAMP1 (SLC11A1)en_US
dc.titleMBL, P2X7, and SLC11A1 gene polymorphisms in patients with oropharyngeal tularemiaen_US
dc.relation.journalACTA OTO-LARYNGOLOGICAen_US
dc.contributor.department[Somuk, Battal Tahsin -- Goktas, Goksel -- Gurbuzler, Levent -- Sapmaz, Emrah -- Eyibilen, Ahmet] Gaziosmanpasa Univ, Dept Otorhinolaryngol, Fac Med, Muhittin Fisunoglu St,Ali Sevki Ereks Campus, Tokat, Turkey -- [Koc, Sema] Antalya Training & Res Hosp, Dept Otorhinolaryngol, Antalya, Turkey -- [Ates, Omer -- Sezer, Saime] Gaziosmanpasa Univ, Fac Med Med Biol & Genet, Tokat, Turkey -- [Soyalic, Harun] Ahi Evran Univ, Dept Otorhinolaryngol, Fac Med, Kirsehir, Turkey -- [Uysal, Ismail Onder] Cumhuriyet Univ, Dept Otorhinolaryngol, Fac Med, Sivas, Turkeyen_US
dc.contributor.authorIDsapmaz, emrah -- 0000-0002-0346-8704en_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryMakale - Uluslararası Hakemli Dergi - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US

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